Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beautiful words

I choose you to live with and laugh with;
to stand by your side and sleep in your arms;
to be joy to your heart and food to your soul;
to bring out the best in you always; and, for you,
to be the most that I can.
To laugh with you in good times;
to struggle with you in the bad;
to solace you when you are downhearted;
to wipe your tears with my hands;
to comfort you with my body;
to mirror you with my soul;
to share with you all my riches and honors;
all the days of our lives.
I choose to love you,
to respect you,
to take care of you,
to help you in the kitchen,
to share our children and grandchildren,
to be with you in health and when sick,
until death, until we move to Heaven.

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