Monday, February 16, 2009

Bravo Claudia Llosa and Magaly Solier

BERLIN: "The Milk of Sorrow," Claudia Llosa's movie addressing the fears of women abused during Peru's turbulent recent history, has won the Golden Bear award for best picture at the Berlin film festival.

It starts Magaly Solier as Fausta, a young woman suffering from a mysterious illness that is said to be transferred through the milk of mothers who were raped or physically abused during the Peruvian authorities' long war against leftist guerrillas.

The Spanish-Peruvian co-production is Llosa's second feature film. The festival's jury grand prize, which comes with a runner-up Silver Bear, was shared Saturday by two films. One, the Argentine director Adrian Biniez' debut feature, "Gigante," tells the story of a supermarket security guard who falls in love with a cleaner. The other, the German director Maren Ade's

"Everyone Else," follows a couple during a difficult vacation.

Asghar Farhadi of Iran was chosen as best director for "About Elly," which looks at thirtysomething Iranians' attitudes to life. "The Milk of Sorrow" is the second consecutive Latin American winner in Berlin. The Golden Bear last year went to the Brazilian director Jose Padilha's "The Elite Squad."

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