Friday, February 27, 2009

Poem by a young girl from Indonesia

Never felt this before,
to be away from friends,
away from family,
away from home.

I'm a big girl now
I am 18 years old
and I have got to make decisions on my own.

Sounds scary but I will walk this road
cause this is my time to go
and my time to grow.

Always keep myself up,
I have promised myself to put God first
and let the rest decide on its own.

So buckle up and smile be strong
cause He never promised us a bed of roses
but a hand to lead us on wherever we go...

Deep down inside my heart
I know its true,
that this will be another crazy roller coaster ride.

And so my heart is set on you,
that you will never let me go.
And now I am in this stranger land
far away from home
no turning back girl
no turning back...

it's time to grow,
it's time to move on,
is all I can say.

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