Friday, July 21, 2017

Old woman

Old woman growing fast in me, tell me what you see,
tell me what you feel.
You take longer as you walk to where you want to be
your little girl is watching you, your angel is still taking care of you.
God is keeping you safe, he is keeping strong.
Old woman taking over, time passing faster and faster,
tell me what you know, tell me how you feel.
Granted this gift life today, what do you have to show,
tears, smiles, wrinkles, fears, loud silences.

Old woman in the mirror, tell me what you feel today
Was life simpler, was it safer, are the old days real
You are here, you are breathing, your are still living.

Old woman weakened strength, tell me what you fear,
tell me how time has made you wise and sharp
I imagine these day’s angry voices dim your desire to hear
the voices of all the people you loved and left.

Old woman, your children grown,
you have lost your power
One time your love was their life, now this is their hour
you are almost invisible, you're not longer needed.

Old woman heart still beating, tell me of your love
tell me how you feel, what is the reason of your sadness.
Mother sibling friend lover children God above

Old woman once young as King David then crowned King
once young and pretty like a fresh flower, like a green tree.
We all walk the future, past, today, is still the dream,
is still the dream, the search, the battle, life.

Old woman you could bow your head, wish you were strong
Though no one knocks on your door do you still belong
New woman old woman, child, daughter, sister, mother, wife,
grandmother, friend, woman with an old soul
with a fresh heart full of love and honey.

Choice is new and yours alone
Choose love and yes choose life.
Choose health, choose happiness
Choose God, choose hope
Choose Faith, choose always love

Old woman, your heart new grew up,
you are still a little girl that plays in the garden
Your soul has not aged

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